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SSTC Security Services offer a first class site security guarding which incorporates regular perimeter patrols, emergency procedures, incident reporting and more. All our security officers are fully licensed, of smart attire and highly experienced. Our security managers and supervisors and construction site security specialists undertake a site specific survey liaising with site management before commencing on each project. Patrol routes, site risks, perimeter boundaries and hot spots are identified and assessed in the risk assessment and a site specific security operations is proposed and agreed with the client.

Furthermore, SSTC Site Security and Traffic Control is an industry leader in traffic management. We offer clients quality equipment and services and deliver these with our specially trained and experienced team. One of Australia’s largest and most established traffic control management companies, SSTC is the first choice for organisations who need all their projects, large and small, carried out to consistent safety and quality standards.





SSTC offers all your traffic control and management needs. We know that our clients have different needs and by working together we can tailor each project to suit each clients individual requirements. Safety for your road crews is not to be ignored. Traffic management at the events, concerts, construction sites, road construction/maintenanace is a must have thing. You don’t have to worry, we can provide a vast array of traffic services like Traffic Management, Traffic Control, Traffic Assessment, Traffic Reports, Traffic signs, Licensed Traffic Controllers.


SSTC specialises in construction site security. Our team is highly qualified and can deliver your requirements at a competitive price without compromising on quality. We ensure that all our guards are fully licensed. Almost all construction site projects are at risk of vandalism, theft or damage at some point during the construction process. Some projects can be victims of repeated targeting from youths, criminal gangs or even scrap merchants. Insurance companies even refuse to insure some sites without having any provision of manned security or out of hour’s security services at the construction site.



Site Security and Traffic Control




Safety is and always will be everyone's responsibility in the work place. All our work is carefully planned by our highly qualified management team in accordance with legislation.

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Teamwork is imperative to achieve the necessary goals for our clients ensuring effective and efficient outcomes.



Reliability is taking responsibility for our actions. This is shown in our consistent, timely and dependable work ethics.



Honesty is always being truthful, knowing and doing what is right for our client and ourselves.



Communication is conveying messages and information effectively to ensure that the client is well informed at all times.


Featured Articles
Steven Williams, Construction Manager, ARENCOSteven Williams, Construction Manager, ARENCO
"Not a single drama in the 12 months we had SSTC do our SECURITY and TRAFFIC CONTROL. One less thing I had to worry about!"
David CampbellDavid Campbell
"Site Security and Traffic Control are great people to deal with. I would highly recommend SSTC to any prospective business requiring traffic or pedestrian control. Their standard of service and personnel has been very high and excellent."
Tina LeeTina Lee
"We have used this business a number or times now. The professionalism that SSTC delivers time and time again means that we never have any problems."
Bruce GibsonBruce Gibson
"The performance of SSTC, is worthy of a special mention. The company exceeded expectations and certainly the requirements of the contract. They provided an immense amount of support to the team, personally attended many time to make sure things are right."


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