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Sydney Traffic Plans & Permits

Sydney Traffic Plans & Permits

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Any works or projects that disrupt traffic and (or) pedestrians MUST have certified plans, permits, and traffic controllers. Whether it’s a construction zone, or a fun run/marathon, proper planning must be put in place to avoid injury, chaos on the roads, project shutdown or delays, and large fines. To be covered by insurances, all permits, traffic control plans, and traffic controllers must be in place and authenticated. If an accident occurs without proper
certification, the organisers will be slapped with fines and may be sued for compensation by the injured or government/council.
It may sound like a tedious process (and it is) to most, however our planners at SSTC have over 10 years experience in liaising with police, council, RMS,and other governing bodies.

If you’ve dealt with governing bodies in the past, you will have some understanding of the amount of “hoops” you will have to jump through in regards to strenuous procedures and large amounts of paperwork. Having the experience in the industry enables us to produce first class plans in minimal time, and cost.

Ask your project manager:

“How much would it cost our business if we lost a
week from our schedule due to incorrect lodgement
of forms?”
“Can we afford to have the RMS shut down our
project due to lack of planning approval?”
“What kind of delay would occur if the local
council revoked our work zone licence due to non-


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If you’re organising an event or responsible for construction site safety & planning, some of the permits, plans, or documents you may need are;

Local Council Approvals:

  • Work zone applications
  • Stand and Operate Plant
  • Wide/Heavy Load Deliveries
  • Lane and Road Closures
  • Detours and Event Management
  • Road Opening Permits
  • Storage of materials on council assets
  • Footpath closures and openings

Roads and Maritime Services

  • Road Occupancy Licences
  • Speed zone Reductions
  • Traffic Volume Estimates

Workplace Health and Safety

  • WHS Site Management Plans
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Risk Assessments
  • Local Impact Assessments

Development and Planning

  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Construction Traffic Management Planning
  • Vehicle Routing Plans
  • Site Delivery Management

All of the above can be overwhelming… Give us a call and let us sort it out in no time at all.

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Site Security and Traffic Control




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"Not a single drama in the 12 months we had SSTC do our SECURITY and TRAFFIC CONTROL. One less thing I had to worry about!"
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"Site Security and Traffic Control are great people to deal with. I would highly recommend SSTC to any prospective business requiring traffic or pedestrian control. Their standard of service and personnel has been very high and excellent."
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