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How to Choose Security Services in Sydney

September 20, 2023
Security Sydney

Just about every business or commercial enterprise can benefit from professional security services. In many circumstances, security is required constantly for places like industrial sites, while for some businesses, the need might arise every now and then, such as hiring security guards and crowd controllers for a festival or event.

No matter what kind of business you operate, you may have the need for security services in Sydney and will need to get in touch with local security consultants to formulate a security and safety plan.

SSTC is a comprehensive security company in Sydney. Here, we'll guide you through a range of different security services, when security services might be required and how to determine which security consultants are right for you and your enterprise. Read on to discover everything you need to know about security services

What do Security Services Involve?

To gain a better understanding of what type of security services in Sydney you may need, let’s briefly highlight the types of security services offered by a company such as SSTC.

Static Security Guards

Static security guards are one of the most common security services and something that will be offered by just about every security company in Sydney. Static guards offer peace of mind and control areas such as entry and exit points to buildings, crowd control duties, event security, checking credentials, restricting unauthorised access to a building or restricted area, generally keeping an eye on things and much more. They also help prevent theft and vandalism and will work to resolve disputes between workers, customers and so on. If you need security services in Sydney, static security guards provide a comprehensive and versatile service, with everyone’s safety being the top priority.

K9 Security Units with Handler

K9 security patrols are also another very effective security service offered by a security company in Sydney, like SSTC. Both dog and handler are highly trained in effective security measures, and having a K9 unit roaming the premises acts as a great deterrent to thieves or anyone with nefarious ideas in mind. Dogs look and sound intimidating, but not only that, they are intelligent, have superior hearing, and sense of smell, are reliable and can run down criminals far more easily than a person. Some security dog breeds can hit speeds of up to 70 km/hr. K9 units increase security on many levels and also serve to make people feel safe while they’re at work. Highly trained K9 dogs are often deployed to detect explosives and drugs in airports and other buildings.

Checkpoint Security

Another important role of security services in Sydney is that of checkpoint security. Security guards charged with checkpoint security detail control the entranceway to buildings, the workplace, worksite, events and so forth. One of the greatest threats to any organisation or business is the people that walk through the door, and checkpoint security is there to ensure only authorised personnel enter and that people are not carrying weapons or anything else that is prohibited. 

Checkpoint security services provide peace of mind for everyone concerned. People like to know they are being protected and looked after. Checkpoint security is considered the backbone of a security company in Sydney.

Mobile Security Patrol Services

Mobile security patrols are the ideal solution if you don’t need security on-site 24/7. Mobile patrols can monitor multiple sites, respond to alarms and make certain your site is secure by performing a walk-through and checking for intruders, hazards or damage. Due to the unpredictability of their arrival, mobile security patrols are effective deterrents to thieves and vandals, as they never know when a patrol might show up and catch them in the act. If crime can be prevented, it’s always the best option.

Security Consultants

One of the most sought-after security services in Sydney is that of security consultants. This is all about evaluating your business to assess potential risks and devising ways to prevent them, determining areas where security services will be required, along with formulating an overall security plan for your entire operation. Security consultancy services ensure your business maintains a safe and profitable environment and outlook now and well into the future. 

When Are Security Services Needed?

When might you require security services in Sydney? Let’s look at a few examples.

Construction Sites

Security Sydney2

Security services are highly recommended and often required for construction sites. During work hours, both static or mobile security guards will ensure that only authorised personnel and approved visitors gain access to the site. Security details also guarantee safety in the workplace and mediate and diffuse disputes between workers. After hours, security guards and K9 patrols can monitor the site and guard the perimeter to ensure no thieves or vandals can gain access. Traffic management around the construction site is also something that security services will control and monitor.

Industrial Sites

Security services are essential to help maintain a safe work environment for all concerned on industrial sites. Checkpoint security guards will check the credentials of people wishing to gain access to the site during operating hours. Security guards will also help resolve any on-site disputes. Monitoring overall safety and procedures is also part of a security company’s role. After hours, guard patrols will make certain the site remains safe and secure and that no one gains access to the premises. K9 security patrols roaming industrial sites are effective deterrents to thieves and vandals.

Building Access

Checkpoint security services that guard the entrances to buildings will ensure that undesirables don’t gain entry and may also check for things like weapons or explosives.

Crowd Control

Crowd control services are vital for maintaining order when an event or festival is being held. Not only do crowd controllers keep everyone organised and foot traffic flowing, but they are also there to protect the public and to intervene if a fight breaks out.

This has not been an exhaustive list, as there are numerous situations and scenarios where security services may be required occasionally or on an ongoing basis.

How to Know What Security Consultants Are Right for You.

If you require security services in Sydney, you’ll need to hire a company that’s right for you. The first thing you’ll want to look for is industry experience. How long has the security company been operating? Is the company transparent about the clients they work for? Having a proven track record will give you confidence that the company will be good to work with and will get the job done professionally.

As each business or enterprise has its own individual requirements and may therefore require different security services, it’s wise to choose a security company that offers a comprehensive range of services so that dealing with multiple security companies is not required. For example, if you require a K9 unit as well as checkpoint security, SSTC offers both services. You’ll want a firm that offers security consulting so that together, you can formulate the very best security and safety plan for your operation or project.

Hire Security at SSTC

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For some of the best and most comprehensive security services Sydney has to offer, get in touch with the security experts at SSTC. No matter what security needs you may have, we’ll be able to put together a team to fulfil them. Call today for more information.

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