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About SSTC
At SSTC, safety is paramount, and we do whatever it takes to ensure all risks are minimised from the start of your project or event to the end. We have over 25 years of combined experience in the building and construction industry, and our director, Liam, has over 12 years of military experience- a discipline that is implemented into our professional security services. Our team is highly trained in the management of traffic for both construction sites and events and is able to provide specialised industrial services tailored to your site in Sydney.

With your safety as our most prominent concern, do it the right way, the SSTC way.

We do whatever it takes

What sets SSTC Apart From Other Security & Traffic Control Companies?
Safety Focus
We maintain the highest level of safety so that all rules and regulations are obeyed.
Highly experienced
We have over 25 years of combined experience in the industry.
You Get The Best
Experienced RMS accredited Traffic Controllers & Security Guards.
Nothing’s A Hassle
We release all unnecessary stress from the companies we work with.
Competitive Rates
High Level of professionalism and implementation of work at competitive rates.
One Stop Shop
All plans, permits and liaise with council, RMS, police and other governing bodies.


Clients Love The Service & Work We Deliver


How can we help with personal security services?

If you need personal security services, SSTC is the team to call. Your safety is our top priority, and we show that through various security services, such as static security guards, mobile patrols, K9 security, and security consultancy.

How can we help with traffic control and management?

Our trusted and experienced traffic controllers can help you effectively manage traffic around your construction site, event, or other projects. Our traffic control services include 

  • Traffic control planning and design 
  • Traffic signal installation and management 
  • Roadway construction 
  • Special event traffic control 
  • Emergency response

How long has SSTC been in business?

SSTC has been operating for nine years. Liam and his team have been involved in the building and construction industry for 25+ years collaboratively.

When would I need SSTC?

If you need traffic management, security services, industrial services, plans, and permits for your worksite or event, SSTC is ready to help. We have a competent team of professionals ready to help you with everything you need, from managing traffic to gas detection on your worksite and everything in between.

Why is SSTC different?

SSTC is different in that Liam, our director, has over 12 years of military experience. Due to this, Liam has implemented the same discipline into our trusted security guards, so you can guarantee that you, your event or your worksite will be protected and looked after. 

We service all of NSW, ACT and QLD

Simply fill in the form below and one of our staff will be in touch with you shortly. You can also call us direct on 
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