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Security Services Sydney

At SSTC, your safety is paramount. We offer various security services, from static security guards to mobile patrols, K9 security, and even security consultancy. Whether you are protecting your worksite or need crowd control for an event, SSTC will keep you secure, safe and protected.

Static Security Guard

Our static security guards provide peace of mind by controlling the entry to sensitive locations such as a work site or providing security to equipment, ensuring its safety and preventing damage or loss. SSTC static security guards provide manned services on access points, crowd control, or even event security.

Our K9 security guards provide the highest level of security. Not only do these dogs look and sound intimidating, but they are also highly trained security dogs that are incredibly reliable and intelligent enough to evaluate situations properly.


K9 guards have been universally proven to increase both physical and emotional security. Their incredible sense of smell makes them the go-to choice for tracking and finding purposes. K9 security is invaluable regarding safety, especially when a conflict ensues, and is one of the top security services.

Mobile Security Patrols

If you have a remote site or even multiple sites, or you don't want someone on-site 24/7, our Mobile Patrol service can provide you with an officer that can answer alarms and dispatches from different alarm monitoring stations. They will also ensure the site is secure with a walk-through to check for damage or hazards.


Mobile security guards are unpredictable and cover a lot of ground, making the sites they guard hard targets for any potential crime. Mobility also guarantees timely intervention whenever the need arises.

Our company offers great prices on this already cost-effective solution, along with years of experience in mobile security services.

Security Consultant

Assessing risk is, unfortunately, something businesses leave for last. Our security consultancy service prioritises your needs, safety, and concerns. Not only are your initial concerns for safety paramount to our security consultants, but we can also develop solutions to cater to the ever-changing environment of your business.


Expert security consultants have been one of the most sought-after security services in Sydney for some time with proven results. Our security consultants offer an unbiased and fresh perspective regarding any potential risks your site may have and possibly ones you may not have considered.

SSTC security consultants can draw parallels from their various experiences when it comes to projects and help you to execute the perfect action plan. They will always act in your best interests.

Whether optimising existing systems or developing something entirely new, our consultants will always work their hardest to develop the best solution and security while also protecting your budget.

Checkpoint Security

The greatest threats to an organisation are the threats that walk through the door. Our checkpoint security services can provide a control point at any entryway for a workplace, event, or work site.

With robbery and terrorist attacks being two of the top five major security concerns for Australians,


 well-guarded entry points reinforce safety and uphold a rock-solid brand identity. Any resident would surely appreciate their well-being taken seriously.

Checkpoint security is the backbone of security guard services and is something our company excels at. This solution allows you to easily track and analyse the entry points' security trends and optimise your security according to your needs to avoid the maximum number of risks.

Temperature Screening

We can provide you with an onsite service to conduct workforce screening for COVID-19 risk factors, from the workplace to worksite and mobile or fixed locations.

Using such methods has become almost a necessity in today's world. Highly infectious viral cases tend to


 tank the productivity of any establishment.

SSTC personnel are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to detect and prevent any signs of infection. With COVID-19 still being a very real threat in several major locations worldwide, you won't have to worry about any risk of mass spread on your premises.

SSTC Delivers Military Level Security

With over 12 years of Military Experience, SSTC’s Director, Liam, has implemented the same discipline into our trusted security guards.

As a military member, Liam served in the Royal Australian Navy for over twelve years. During this time, Liam specialised in weapons and boarding operations.

Having been deployed to several operational areas, Liam was able to hone his skills as an operator and later as a team leader. Liam has served in the Middle East and Timor. He has also been involved in Border Security and other security operations, such as APEC in 2017 and the safe extraction of Australians from Fiji in 2006.

Having been exposed to a large number of high-level and complex situations, Liam approaches all tasks in an analytical manner which affords him the ability to make sound decisions based on good judgement and experience.


Why use our security services?

Our security services are unlike any other. Our director, Liam, has over 12 years of military experience, and he has implemented that discipline into our trusted security guards.

What sorts of security services can we offer?

At SSTC, we offer various security services, including static security guards, K9 security with handlers, mobile security patrols, checkpoint security and more.

How long have we been offering security services?

We have been offering security services since our establishment nine years ago.

Who needs security services?

Whether you have a construction site that needs watching over or mobile patrols for an event, we have security services for all kinds of purposes.

Why security services and traffic management?

So, why should you trust SSTC for security services? We have over 25 years of combined experience and have RMS-accredited security guards, so you can have peace of mind knowing your site or event will be looked after effectively.

Clients Love The Service & Work We Deliver
  • The SSTC team have been a great asset to our project team assisting with early consultation during the bid stage through to delivery during the construction stage. SSTC have been proactive in troubleshooting options when inclement weather or shutdowns have prohibited some construction tasks occurring. The SSTC team are always accommodating to requests and diligent in seeking approvals from all authorities. Look forward to working with the SSTC team on the next project
    James Munro
    Project Manager, Fitout & Refurbishment, NSW
  • Prompt reliable service, great communication throughout the process combined with good industry safety standards, I would highly recommend using SSTC
    Celine Dunne
    Senior Project Manager
  • An absolute pleasure to work with and have never let us down
    Gautam Pathmanathan
    Site Engineer | Arenco (NSW) Pty Limited
  • We used SSTC on multiple occasions for both site security and traffic control of which they displayed great organisation, professionalism and were very easy to work with. I would highly recommend their services in future projects.
    Anthony Tizzone
  • Axis plumbing have engaged SSTC on numerous projects with in Sydney CBD. SSTC Team have assisted Axis plumbing immensely from planning TCP’s to delivering traffic control personnel.
    I can not praise SSTC team enough, and will continue to use them on current and future projects.
    James Pitchforth
    NSW Small works construction manager | AXIS PLUMBING NSW
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