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Emergency Response Teams

With the changes to industry and safety standards on industrial sites, not only are emergency plans incredibly necessary and a legal requirement but also having emergency response teams on site can add great value to your team when working in or on difficult and dangerous jobs. As part of our industrial services, our emergency response teams at SSTC are highly trained in confined space rescue, vertical rescue and first aid using specialised equipment designed for rescue in confined spaces and when working at a significant height. Our security consultants are excellent at analysing risks, ensuring your emergency plan is rock-solid and solidifying the safety of your workers and the residents surrounding.

Safety Focus

We maintain the highest level of safety so that all rules and regulations are obeyed.


In 9+ years of operation, there have been ZERO accidents or injuries.

Highly Certified

Our team are highly certified in their field of expertise with full accreditation.

Competitive Rates

High Level of professionalism and implementation of work at competitive rates.

Emergency/First Response Teams

SSTC emergency response teams facilitate rapid, effective responses to any emergency or incident, including, but not limited to:

    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Toxic Hazard
    • Accident
    • Confined Spaces
    • Heights

Ensure the safety and safety management of your project by contracting SSTC emergency response personnel.


As part of our industrial services, we have a range of workers and security consultants to analyse the risks and hazards to take action to avoid incidents. Having emergency response teams, as well as other professional personnel trained in safety and hazard prevention, on-site can help to prevent an incident before it happens.


Sometimes there are incidents that are unavoidable or happen despite having all the precautions in place. Having a rock-solid emergency plan with highly trained emergency response teams on site means your team is prepared for any incident that may occur. This also goes hand in hand with training workers in hazard campaigns and reinforced training in what to do if a disaster or incident occurs to minimise injury and damage.


To minimise damage and injury when a disaster or incident occurs there needs to be a fast response by highly trained emergency response teams. Having a team directly on site ensures the speed of response by these highly trained professionals. Our team at SSTC uses specialised equipment for vertical height and confined space rescue. They are also highly trained in first aid and minimising damage to the surrounding area in cases of toxic hazards.


Restoring the community, workplace, or worksite to normal as soon as possible is a core element in recovery after a disaster. This may include cleaning up debris and tending to damage, whether personal injury or economic damage. The scale of the disaster or injury will most likely affect the timeline of the recovery period.

Emergency Plans

We create and develop site-specific Safe Work Method Statements, Risk Assessments and required permits for working in confined spaces, at heights and other site-specific mandated permits. Advice is provided regarding the minimum equipment required to comply with industry standards.


There are times when a disaster occurs that no one can predict, and that is why it is a legal requirement to have an emergency plan before commencing work, as well as one that is updated with the ever-changing conditions of work sites. Emergency situations may occur in the event of a fire, chemical spill, explosion, injury, natural disaster, bomb threat or violence. The prepared plan you have in place, along with highly trained personnel on site, will assist workers and visitors in any type of emergency.

A disaster or emergency occurring in a workplace can affect not only the surrounding workers but also visitors or members of the general public. It may also cause damage or interrupt workplace operations. It is important for a highly experienced professional to analyse the hazards and risks of the workplace when formulating an emergency plan.

At SSTC, our highly certified and experienced team tailor emergency plans, Risk assessments, and Safe Work Method Statements to be site-specific. Ensuring there is an adequate plan in place means there is less risk of damage, injury, or an emergency on a significant scale.

When tailoring emergency plans, our professionals consider the nature of the work being carried out at the workplace, the nature of the hazards at the workplace, the size and location of the workplace, and the number and composition of the workers and other persons at the workplace. To ensure the emergency plan is effective, our emergency response teams ensure it includes emergency procedures, frequent testing of emergency procedures, and information, training, and instruction to relevant workers to implement the emergency procedures.

At SSTC, safety is always at the forefront of our minds. But when an incident or emergency occurs that no one could predict, our team is there with a quick response and is highly trained to minimise damage, injury, and interruption to workplace operations.


What are emergency response teams?

An emergency response team facilitates rapid and effective responses to any emergency or incident involving fires, floods and confined spaces etc.

Why use our emergency response teams?

With over 25 years of combined experience, our emergency response teams are highly trained to respond to any emergency situation to ensure the safety of your workers, worksite or property.

How qualified are our emergency response teams?

Our emergency response teams are highly qualified, certified and fully accredited to respond to any kind of emergency.

What do our emergency response teams cover?

Our emergency response teams can respond to fires, floods, toxic hazards, accidents, confined spaces and heights. As part of our services, we also provide prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

What sets our emergency response teams apart?

Our emergency response teams are different from the rest because we are highly trained and certified and have over 25 years of combined experience. Also, in our nine years of operation, there have been zero accidents or injuries.

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