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Non-Destructive Digging

Our non-destructive digging, as part of our industrial services, is not only safer for the environment and surrounding utilities and infrastructure, but it also minimises risk and hazards to the workers on your site. At SSTC, our non-destructive digging is a safe, effective, and efficient method of excavation.

What is Non-Destructive Digging?

Non-destructive digging, also known as hydro excavation or vacuum truck excavation, is an alternate form of mechanical excavation, aguring, or digging. By using pressurised water to break up soil and debris, non-destructive digging minimises the impact on the environment and surrounding infrastructure compared to traditional digging methods. Once the soil is broken up by the pressurised water, it is then vacuumed up and disposed of offsite.


Non-destructive digging is the safer option for workers, the environment, underground utilities, and surrounding infrastructure. Because of this, it is used in a variety of industries, including construction, mining, and utilities.

Non-destructive digging trucks are commonly used for excavation work in urban areas where underground infrastructure is densely packed, and traditional excavation methods could cause significant damage and disruption. They can also be used for a range of other applications, including potholing, trenching, and hydro excavation.

As part of our Industrial services at SSTC, we offer safe, efficient, and effective non-destructive digging. We are experts in a range of different applications and industries, making it easy for us to tailor the service to your needs.


At SSTC, our non-destructive digging trucks are from the leading manufacturer, Capellotto. As a type of excavation equipment, non-destructive digging trucks by Capellotto use high-pressure water jets to safely and efficiently excavate soil without causing damage to underground infrastructure, such as pipes and cables.


Our trucks are equipped with a powerful water pump and a high-pressure hose that can reach depths of up to ten metres. The high-pressure water jet breaks up the soil and debris to create a slurry. The slurry of soil and debris is then extracted using a vacuum system into a holding tank on the truck and disposed of offsite.

The right equipment for the job ensures it is done in the safest and most efficient way possible. At SSTC, we use Capellotto non-destructive digging trucks. Capellotto is a leading manufacturer of non-destructive digging trucks and offers a range of models with different tank sizes, pump capacities and other features to suit different applications and industries. These trucks are designed to be safe, efficient, and reliable, making them a popular choice and the right equipment for contractors and utility companies around the world.

Non-Destructive Digging Vs Traditional Digging

Put simply, non-destructive digging is a non-invasive method of excavation in comparison to traditional digging methods. Traditional digging methods typically involve using heavy machinery, such as excavators or backhoes, to break down and move soil. Heavy machinery can cause damage to underground utilities, such as gas, electrical, or water lines, resulting in expensive repairs. Traditional digging also holds the risk of potentially causing harm to surrounding wildlife and vegetation.


Unlike traditional digging, non-destructive digging is a non-invasive method that minimises damage to the surrounding environment and infrastructure. Because non-destructive digging uses hydro-excavation, it is effective in breaking up soil and debris, even in areas with heavy clay or rocky soil, but won’t break through water or sewage lines. Non-destructive digging also reduces the amount of work involved in clearing soil and debris that needs to be disposed of as they are vacuumed up and disposed of offsite.

Non-destructive digging is not only a safer option for the surrounding environment, wildlife, and infrastructure but also for the workers by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Additionally, hydro-excavation reduces the risk of cave-ins because the highly pressurised water jet will not destabilise the soil surrounding the excavation site.

Why Choose SSTC?

At SSTC, we prioritise safety above all, with effectiveness and efficiency at a close second. Our team of professionals are highly trained in the latest non-destructive digging technologies and techniques. We also follow strict protocols to ensure the application is completed in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We take great to minimise the risk to surrounding infrastructure and the environment, and we always dispose of the vacuumed soil and debris responsibly.


Each industry and job will usually require a different application of non-destructive digging. That's why our team are expertly trained in a range of different applications, including but not limited to potholing, trenching, and hydro excavation. We also ensure that the best equipment for the job is used with Capellotto non-destructive digging trucks.

For safe, effective, and efficient excavation solutions, then look no further than SSTC’s industrial service, non-destructive digging. We use the highest quality equipment and techniques and constantly strive to exceed expectations. Protect the surrounding environment and infrastructure while providing a safer environment for your workers with SSTC’s non-destructive digging services.
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