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Confined Space Management

From start to finish, we can manage all your confined space needs while working with your policies and procedures with isolations, permit issuing, documentation, confined space set up and an emergency response team. Our team is dedicated to our industrial services and is focused on making the environment safe, with our confined space management, for workers to be working in and on under a continuous basis during your project.
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Safety Focus

We maintain the highest level of safety so that all rules and regulations are obeyed.


In 9+ years of operation, there have been ZERO accidents or injuries.

Highly Certified

Our team are highly certified in their field of expertise will full accreditation.

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High level of professionalism and implementation of work at competitive rates.

Confined Space Management

SSTC confined space management service can help you from start to finish whilst working within your policies and procedures regulating:

  • Isolations
  • Permit issuing
  • Documentation
  • Confined space set up
  • Emergency Response Team

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for workers during the term of the project.

Our confined space management service at SSTC is your one-stop shop for any project, ranging from small projects to sites containing multiple and varied-sized confined spaces.


What is a confined space?

Depending on your project, your site might have multiple confined spaces or only have one. The rules and regulations apply to all sites with confined spaces, even if only one exists. 

Some of the confined spaces you may come across in your project are 

  • Sewers
  • Stormwater systems
  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Wet wells
  • Treatment process tanks and conduits
  • Enterable grease traps
  • Grease trap rooms
  • Traversable water mains
  • Enclosed water distribution reservoirs
  • Storage tanks of any kind, including enclosed containment and retention devices

When a worker enters any of these spaces, the contractor and worker must follow the rules and regulations. Other spaces may also be defined as confined spaces requiring isolation, permit issuing, documentation, confined space set-up, and an emergency response team on site. Our confined space management team and security consultants can ensure all your obligations are met, and your workers are kept safe with minimal risk. 

Confined Space Set Up

In some cases, the conditions in a confined space can be extremely hazardous. It is important that professional security consultants analyses and evaluates the hazards and risk of the confined space to ensure the safety of the workers. Knowing the hazards to look out for in confined spaces can be lifesaving. One of the hazards often looked for is the previous substances stored in the combined space.


Depending on the substance this could drastically increase the risk. Other hazards may arise from work activities, products, or by-products, in or around the confined space. Small entrances and exits make it difficult to rescue workers or to get equipment in or out of the confined space.

At SSTC, our confined space management team are highly experienced and trained in various situations. This experience level allows them to note hazards and risks before they become an incident.


There are very high risks and hazards when entering confined spaces for workers, and there are several strict rules and regulations surrounding this to ensure the worker's safety. Because of the number of rules and regulations, documentation is required to ensure that they are followed. An entry permit must be issued for each person entering the confined space. Workers and their supervisors must have the skills and knowledge to understand the hazards associated with working in a confined space, the contents of any confined space entry permit, and the control measures implemented for their protection.


Our highly experienced confined space management team can handle all your entry permits, whether you have a small project with one confined space or something on a larger scale with multiple confined spaces. SSTC will ensure all your obligations for documentation are met to ensure your workers are kept safe and are aware of the risks and hazards.

Emergency Plan

As part of our industrial services, we have an emergency response team that can assist in emergencies and avoid risks and hazards by implementing a solid emergency plan that follows all the rules and regulations to keep workers safe.


SSTC will provide a safety observer to continuously monitor the confined space and the worker within it and will initiate emergency procedures effectively and efficiently if required. Our safety observers are highly skilled in their area of expertise and extremely experienced with various hazards and risks. To also ensure the workers’ safety, SSTC can supply an emergency response team in cases of incidents occurring where a worker may need to be rescued. Our emergency response team utilise specialised equipment when performing a rescue in a confined space and implements their high level of experience.

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Site Security and Traffic Control can provide you with professional services for all your required tasks. 


What is confined space management?

Depending on your project, you may have one or multiple confined spaces, such as sewers, grease trap rooms, etc. Confined space management is the process of a confined space management team and security consultants ensuring all obligations are met, and your workers are kept safe while working in the confined space.

Does confined space management require qualifications?

Yes, you can only work in confined space management with training. At SSTC, our confined space management team is highly experienced and trained.

Does confined space management require special skills?

To work in confined space management, you must communicate clearly and be a quick thinker to respond to emergencies. 

Why use us for confined space management?

We have been offering confined space management services for over nine years, and our team are highly certified with full accreditation.

When do you need confined space management?

You need confined space management when you have a worker that has to enter a confined space on your worksite. The contractor and worker must follow the rules and regulations relating to the specific confined space. Our confined space management team can ensure your obligations are met, and your workers are kept safe.

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  • The SSTC team have been a great asset to our project team assisting with early consultation during the bid stage through to delivery during the construction stage. SSTC have been proactive in troubleshooting options when inclement weather or shutdowns have prohibited some construction tasks occurring. The SSTC team are always accommodating to requests and diligent in seeking approvals from all authorities. Look forward to working with the SSTC team on the next project
    James Munro
    Project Manager, Fitout & Refurbishment, NSW
  • Prompt reliable service, great communication throughout the process combined with good industry safety standards, I would highly recommend using SSTC
    Celine Dunne
    Senior Project Manager
  • An absolute pleasure to work with and have never let us down
    Gautam Pathmanathan
    Site Engineer | Arenco (NSW) Pty Limited
  • We used SSTC on multiple occasions for both site security and traffic control of which they displayed great organisation, professionalism and were very easy to work with. I would highly recommend their services in future projects.
    Anthony Tizzone
  • Axis plumbing have engaged SSTC on numerous projects with in Sydney CBD. SSTC Team have assisted Axis plumbing immensely from planning TCP’s to delivering traffic control personnel.
    I can not praise SSTC team enough, and will continue to use them on current and future projects.
    James Pitchforth
    NSW Small works construction manager | AXIS PLUMBING NSW
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