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Electrical Spotter

At SSTC, our electrical spotter’s responsibility is to ensure a job is done in the safest manner possible to avoid injury. By warning others of any unsafe approaches to a job or project regarding electrical safety, our spotters ensure everyone stays safe on the site.
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Safety Focus

We maintain the highest level of safety so that all rules and regulations are obeyed.


In 9+ years of operation, there have been ZERO accidents or injuries.

Highest Certification

Experienced electrical spotters are Level 2 accredited and are first aid certified.

Competitive Rates

High Level of professionalism and implementation of work at competitive rates.

Electrical Spotting Services

At SSTC, our safety observer’s responsibility is to ensure a job is done in the safest manner possible to avoid injury by warning others of any unsafe approaches to a job or project.

If you are required to hire a spotter, the contractor that requires a licensed spotter must meet strict electrical spotter requirements. These include ensuring the spotter is 


properly inducted into all site safety procedures, including the relevant Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), so that they can perform their job in the most efficient and effective manner.

Electrical Spotter

The primary responsibility of the safety observer is to ensure the highest level of electrical safety is being met. Safety observers remain on the ground and observe LV live electrical work activities across the full scope of the LV live electrical work task. An electrical spotter's role is to minimise the risk of electrocution, contact with pipelines, and vicinity to power lines and electrical conductors. Our spotters focus on the highest level of safety and communicate efficiently to ensure all rules and regulations are followed.

Level II Certified

Our spotters are Level 2 accredited and are first aid certified. Not only have they achieved the Level 2 qualification, but at SSTC, our electrical spotters are thoroughly trained in emergency procedures and have demonstrated a high level of competency in those procedures in the last 12 months.

Site Security and Traffic Control can provide you with professional Electrical Spotters for all your required tasks. 

What is an Electrical Spotter?

An electrical spotter, otherwise known as a safety observer depending on your location, is a worker whose sole duty is to observe the work that is in progress and to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with approved procedures and rules regarding electrical safety. When a dedicated safety observer is appointed, their sole focus is the risk involved surrounding electricity and the work performed around them. When this work is undertaken, the safety observer will not perform any other task whilst the HVLW is in progress. The safety observer will focus on maintaining effective and immediate communication with other members of the work party at all times to ensure all are kept to the highest level of safety standards.

Almost every day, workers are at risk on their sites when working in the proximity of electrical currents. There are plenty of hazards and risks when working on a site, and powerlines may often be neglected or forgotten about. Heavy machinery is often most at risk of encountering powerlines, so if you are working on a scaffold, using a concrete pump, crane, EWP, excavator, pile drilling or tree pruning, it is a requirement to obtain an electrical spotter. A safety observer is needed when working inside specified clearances near overhead powerlines and any potential damage to underground infrastructure when digging. The safety observer can identify, locate and protect underground services such as power, sewer, gas, water and communication assets.

The safety observer must alert the work team to any potentially unsafe actions that may inadvertently occur, including infringement of safe working distances, movement of temporary insulating material, or any other lack of compliance with approved procedures. The safety observer can temporarily stop the work at any time.

The spotter must not perform any other task whilst LV live work is in progress and must focus on maintaining effective, efficient, and immediate communication with the work team at all times. This may include the use of electronic communication due to noisy environments. A person working on or within 500mm of an uninsulated live low voltage conductor will wear a low voltage insulating glove and approved outer leather glove on each hand and be attended by a safety observer. Our safety observers at SSTC are level 2 accredited and are first aid certified. They have also had extensive training in emergency procedures and demonstrated a high level of competency to carry out those procedures in the last 12 months. They are highly experienced at observing the work being undertaken and have been instructed on the hazards of the work and the necessary precautions.

At SSTC, safety is paramount, and we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of safety, along with our superb and efficient communication skills.

Clients Love The Service & Work We Deliver
  • The SSTC team have been a great asset to our project team assisting with early consultation during the bid stage through to delivery during the construction stage. SSTC have been proactive in troubleshooting options when inclement weather or shutdowns have prohibited some construction tasks occurring. The SSTC team are always accommodating to requests and diligent in seeking approvals from all authorities. Look forward to working with the SSTC team on the next project
    James Munro
    Project Manager, Fitout & Refurbishment, NSW
  • Prompt reliable service, great communication throughout the process combined with good industry safety standards, I would highly recommend using SSTC
    Celine Dunne
    Senior Project Manager
  • An absolute pleasure to work with and have never let us down
    Gautam Pathmanathan
    Site Engineer | Arenco (NSW) Pty Limited
  • We used SSTC on multiple occasions for both site security and traffic control of which they displayed great organisation, professionalism and were very easy to work with. I would highly recommend their services in future projects.
    Anthony Tizzone
  • Axis plumbing have engaged SSTC on numerous projects with in Sydney CBD. SSTC Team have assisted Axis plumbing immensely from planning TCP’s to delivering traffic control personnel.
    I can not praise SSTC team enough, and will continue to use them on current and future projects.
    James Pitchforth
    NSW Small works construction manager | AXIS PLUMBING NSW
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