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The Best Type of Security For Construction Sites

March 27, 2024
Construction Security

Security guards have an important role on construction sites, where valuable equipment and materials provide temptation to thieves. Without the right security measures in place, the safety of your staff is under threat, along with your precious money and time. In a bustling city like Sydney, construction site security should be in place 24/7.  

Construction sites are dangerous environments at the best of times, with high rates of falls from heights and electric shocks among the most common causes of injuries and deaths. Maintaining the safety of your staff and visitors is your responsibility as a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), and it’s already a time-consuming responsibility without the risk of intruders and break-ins. A construction security plan is essential, and that includes using the right construction site security guards.

Construction sites are visible to the public, and that makes them an easy target for opportunists. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to protecting your work site. If you’re wondering what the best type of construction site security in Sydney is, this article will shed some light on the topic and how you can best protect your site.

What Are The Security Options for Construction Sites?

Construction site theft is a growing problem in Australia. Effective construction site security in Sydney often requires a multi-faceted approach that covers all the bases. Here are some of the most well-known and effective strategies for protecting a construction site.  

Risk assessment

A risk assessment is not so much an option but a necessity. It’s important to develop a construction security plan that takes into account aspects like the layout of the site, vulnerabilities such as access points and equipment storage areas, and low visibility zones. A site security consultant conducting a risk assessment should be experienced enough to draw upon the best techniques that have worked in the past but flexible enough to adapt these effective strategies to your particular situation.

Static security guards

Static security guards are the type of guards you’re most likely to spot when you’re out in a public place. They are generally stationed at the entrances to buildings such as banks, warehouses, boutique retail stores and any other locations that require constant surveillance of goods. Despite what the name suggests, static security guards are not actually static but ready to spring into action as soon as you need them. Often, the mere presence of static security guards is enough to deter any thieves who would think of targeting your business.  

Mobile security patrols

Mobile security patrols are perfect for businesses that are spread across multiple sites or that don’t require someone to be on-site 24/7. Mobile security patrols give you enough trained personnel to respond to alarms and dispatches from different monitoring stations swiftly and effectively. Mobile security guards can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, catching unsuspecting intruders off-guard and deterring others from trying to enter unauthorised. Mobile patrol guards can also conduct routine checks for damage to machinery, doors, gates, etc.

K9 security

K9 security offers a strong and effective form of site security that’s also intimidating for intruders. The mere presence of trained dogs has been shown to de-escalate fights and riots in prison, and K9 security is commonly used in settings such as major airports, concerts and sporting events. While dogs can be fierce, K9s are also highly trained to evaluate situations and respond appropriately. They can detect smells and sounds accurately from some distance away and quickly cover a lot of ground.

Checkpoint screening

Robberies and terrorist attacks are two of the biggest security concerns for Australians. Checkpoint screening apprehends these threats where they’re most likely to present themselves: at your door. On a construction site, security guards stationed at entrance points can help with services like identifying and verifying visitors, looking out for security breaches and responding in case of emergencies.

Fencing and perimeter security

Construction sites in Australia frequently erect secure fencing complete with anti-climb measures like barbed wire to keep intruders out.

Access control systems

Electronic measures like gates, turnstiles and access cards help keep entry to a construction site to authorised persons only.

Surveillance cameras

Cameras placed in various locations around construction sites help to deter vandalism and theft, provide evidence when incidents occur and alert mobile security patrols of incidents.

Alarm systems

Intruder alarm systems protect construction sites by activating in the case of unauthorised entry, and alerting security personnel or the police. 

Which Type of Security Suits Construction Sites?

Construction Security2

The best construction security plan for a site depends on the size and scale of the project along with factors like the budget and particular security risks. Generally, the bigger the project, the more security measures need to be put in place. Construction site security can be improved by taking a handful of simple measures as well as implementing full security services.

Some essential security protocols to start with on a construction site include:

Secure fencing

Installing a secure fence around the construction site with gates, signage, and anti-climb measures is a necessary precaution.

Security measures

Protect your construction site with precautionary measures such as security lighting, storage containers for equipment or sign-in protocols for visitors.

Alarm systems

A fully functioning alarm system is a must-have on your construction site to keep it protected.  

Staff security training

Providing comprehensive training to both employees and contractors onsite ensures everyone is on the same page when it comes to security measures and emergency response plans.

Have a construction security plan

Developing and maintaining a detailed construction security plan helps to identify risks, foster a shared sense of responsibility and define appropriate emergency response procedures. The security plan should be tailored to meet the particular needs of your site, taking into account your individual circumstances and challenges.

Combining Security Options for Construction Sites

Every security measure has its strengths and weaknesses. Combining several different approaches is a more powerful and robust way to fully protect your construction site.

Having different security measures means that if one falls short of handling a particular situation, another can fill its place. It means a balance between visible security measures that act as a form of deterrence and others that can catch intruders off-guard when necessary. It means surveillance cameras keep a permanent watch over vulnerable areas while K9s or roving security patrols spring into action when needed.

Security needs can change over time as the project evolves, and this hybrid approach is the most effective way to cover all your bases and stay secure.    

Effective Construction Site Security with SSTC

Construction Security3

SSTC provides a multifaceted approach to security services with measures like static security guards and mobile patrols, K9 security, checkpoint security and construction security plans. We’ve been offering security services for nine years but have a team with over 25+ years of combined experience (plus a director with 12 years of military experience). Our time in the field providing security solutions has made us experts in delivering precise and targeted security strategies. From a construction site to a large-scale event, we can deliver the right security approach and measures.
For a free quote on construction site security in Sydney, contact the SSTC team.

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