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The Role of Mobile Security Patrols

December 20, 2023
Mobile Security Patrols 1

Just because there’s nobody around doesn’t mean there’s nobody watching. Mobile security patrols guard your premises from offsite or at strategic checkpoints, springing into action when you need them in order to catch trespassers and criminals.

Every year, millions of dollars worth of tools, supplies and equipment are stolen from construction sites around Australia. Schools and universities, stores and office buildings and numerous other facilities can all become targets for opportunistic thieves as well. Security systems and CCTV cameras help to deter intruders, but savvy criminals can plan a break-in around them. Mobile security patrols are far less predictable. Sometimes, their mere presence is enough to deter intruders, but anyone who tries to enter regardless will find them impossible to evade.    

If you have a site (or multiple sites) in need of protection but don’t need a full-time staff member there 24/7, a mobile security service provides a cost-effective and productive solution. Mobile security units know when the time is right to change their approaches, their routes and their strategies so they can catch criminals in the act.

Preventing burglary at your business premises starts with taking precautions. SSTC can help you strengthen the security of your business so that it’s a far tougher target and provide a mobile security officer trained to handle every worst-case scenario.  

What is Mobile Security?

When you hear “security”, it’s possible that the first thought that comes to mind is the static security guards who protect the entrances to vulnerable locations. While a stationary security guard definitely plays an important role, sometimes a mobile security patrol is the most effective approach.

Mobile security patrols can be based at various locations: on-site at different checkpoints, offsite at headquarters, in a security office, in a remote monitoring centre, etc. While the exact nature and the function of the role depends on your business’s requirements, mobile security patrols are trained to respond to situations such as alarms, unusual activity on CCTV cameras, or suspicious behaviour from members of the public. They monitor these signals and address them immediately to stop trouble or minimise its impact.

Sometimes, the physical presence of mobile security officers is enough to scare away would-be intruders. Other benefits of these roving guards include the ability to monitor different areas of a site (or multiple sites) at once, perform security checks and analyse data from past incidents to strengthen your security strategy.

What Do Mobile Security Guards Do?

Mobile Security Patrols2

There’s more to being a mobile security guard than wandering darkened hallways in the dead of the night. So, what does a mobile security patrol actually do? Here are some of the main responsibilities that a mobile security unit has:

Watching for security threats

Mobile security patrols monitor for suspicious activity using live cameras and motion detection systems. They may patrol the premises, sticking to familiar routes or deviating depending on the situation. Mobile security officers frequently communicate with not only each other but also other members of the team in order to address what they see.  

Protecting people and property

When mobile security officers aren’t responding to incidents, they’re often helping to enforce policies and procedures to keep both your staff and their working environment safe.  

Caring for facilities and equipment

In order for remote security patrols to respond quickly to incidents, they have to ensure the equipment is well-maintained. They’re likely to regularly check on the status and the condition of their equipment and repair or replace it.

Putting security measures in place

Experienced mobile security officers may do more than just enforce regulations. A skilled security professional can be capable of making purchase decisions, installing the necessary equipment and reporting any problems.

There are other skills out there that it’s helpful for mobile security professionals to possess. It certainly helps if they’re tech-savvy, trained in first aid, physically fit and able to think on their feet in stressful situations.  

As you can see, the answer to ‘What does mobile patrol security do?’ is a large one. While it’s possible to summarise by saying they protect your staff and worksite, there’s so much more involved in the day-to-day requirements of the role.

Who Needs Mobile Security Patrols?

There are no restrictions on the type of businesses that can benefit from mobile security patrols. Some businesses that may especially benefit from a mobile security service include:

Construction sites

Construction sites and unfinished building projects are popular targets for thieves. Theft and vandalism affect up to 39% of residential builders in Australia.

Industrial facilities

Manufacturing plants, warehouses, factories and loading docks are all environments that are worth guarding for the safety of staff and to secure your stock.

Commercial properties

Mobile security units can address suspicious behaviour, prevent theft and keep the peace in environments like shopping centres, office buildings and retail stores.

Healthcare facilities

Hospitals, clinics and medical centres contain people in vulnerable situations. In these environments, mobile security professionals can help preserve the safety of patients and staff.

Financial services

Banks, credit unions and other institutions offering high-value items are popular targets for criminals for obvious reasons.

Critical infrastructure

Water treatment facilities, power plants and other buildings that provide essential services to the public require high levels of security. In order to protect public health and resources, strong security measures, including mobile security, are often required.

Educational facilities

Although they may not seem like the most obvious targets, break-ins can occur at schools, universities and colleges. More importantly, many students and staff are present until late at night, and safety is an important consideration.  

Businesses in high-crime areas

If you’re in a location that has a higher local crime rate than average, investing in a mobile site security patrol will bring you more peace of mind.   

Mobile Security Patrols at SSTC

Mobile Security Patrols3

SSTC is dedicated to protecting your safety, the safety of your staff and the premises of your business. We offer various security services, including mobile security patrols, no matter the size and scale of your operation. We can provide you with an officer who answers alarms from different monitoring systems and also ensures the security of your site with a walk-in inspection.

A company with more than 25 combined years’ worth of security experience, SSTC provides all kinds of security solutions, including static security guards, checkpoint security and K9 security. Highly trained dogs can have a substantial impact in preventing ugly situations from occurring, and SSTC provides canines with incredible amounts of training and stamina.  

A family-owned business based on the principles of safety, teamwork, integrity and a military-inspired sense of discipline, SSTC has the skills and the experience in place to protect your worksite with a powerful mobile security service team.
If you’d like to find out more about what mobile patrol security does and how SSTC can help your business, contact our team for a free quote.

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