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What is a First Response Company? 

March 28, 2023

SSTC is a first response company specialising in confined space rescue, vertical rescue, toxic hazards and accidents. Our highly certified team comes with specialised equipment for rescue on construction and industrial sites. Our emergency plans are formulated, consistently monitored to the ever-changing conditions of the site, and tailor-made to be site specific. 

Having a first response team on-site can add great value to your team and provide security for your worker conducting dangerous tasks. They ensure a rapid and effective response to minimise damage, injury, or an emergency from impacting the site on a larger scale.

What is a First Response Team? 

A first response company can deploy teams to stand by in case of an accident or injury on a construction or industrial site. By standing by on your site, the first responders in Sydney can facilitate rapid and effective responses to any emergency or incident. A first response service for construction and industrial sites is designed to take some of the burdens from local emergency services and resources by tending to the emergency with trained and skilled professionals until the emergency services arrive.

To minimise damage to equipment or machinery and reduce the severity of the injury, there needs to be an effective and fast response when an incident occurs. A highly trained team from a first response company on-site ensures this quick response and could potentially save a life. Typically, in a construction or industrial site, the first response teams respond to confined space rescue, whether trapped or because of dangerous gases and vertical height rescue from ladders or scaffolding. The emergency response teams deployed to stand by are highly skilled in rescue and come fully equipped to perform these rescues. They also are highly trained in first aid to assist in injury.

When an incident occurs, it may not just be dangerous for the person involved or those on the site. It may also cause damage to the surrounding area in cases of toxic gases or explosions. First responders in Sydney are trained to minimise the impact of the emergency on the surrounding area.

First responders on-site can add great value to your team when working in or on difficult and dangerous jobs. As part of the first response service, the team will stand by to be safety observers while your employees complete the dangerous job at hand. Along with their range of rescue and first aid skills, a first response team also has efficient and effective communication to ensure minimal impact on the entirety of the site.

To What Emergencies do we Respond? 


As a first response company, our teams are highly trained and skilled in confined space rescue, vertical height rescue, and first aid. We can also respond to emergencies such as fires, floods, toxic hazards (particularly in confined spaces), accidents, and electrical shocks. 

Falling from a height makes up 38% of all construction incidents, making it one of the top accidents on a construction or industrial site. Although there may seem to be more dangerous aspects to these sites, falling can cause serious injury and sometimes even death. Our first responders in Sydney come fully equipped for vertical rescue to minimise the risk of falling. 

Our emergency response teams work seamlessly with our safety observers. Safety observers are there to watch a worker while they complete dangerous tasks, such as electrical jobs, entering confined spaces, gas detection and monitoring, and jobs requiring a worker to be at a height. They ensure no risk is being undertaken, and if an incident or emergency occurs, they can activate an emergency rescue plan to keep your workers safe while conducting work.

Confined spaces are also another high-risk part of construction and industrial sites. Not only will our first response service ensure rapid and effective rescue from these spaces, but our safety observers will constantly monitor the area’s atmosphere, track workers entering and exiting, and maintain constant communication with the worker and first response teams. Monitoring the area’s atmosphere for hazardous gases is an important part of workplace safety when entering a confined space. Some toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, can be difficult to detect without proper gas-detecting equipment because they may be colourless and odourless. Our team has adequate equipment to monitor, detect, and rescue if necessary. 

With a first response company deploying a team on site, your workers' safety will be held to the utmost importance with a rapid and effective response to fires, floods, confined spaces, heights, electrical shock, toxic hazards and any accidents that may occur. Our team comes fully equipped with specialised equipment and will ensure the impact on the site and surroundings is minimised as much as possible. 

Our Emergency Plans


A first response company will usually also be able to design and execute a comprehensive emergency plan because prevention is the best way to avoid an emergency. 

An emergency plan is a written document with instructions for workers and others on the site to follow in an emergency. It is a legal requirement to have an emergency plan for construction and industrial sites; it can become crucial in the time of emergency. Safe Work Australia states that an emergency plan must include all emergency procedures and more if the site is considered a higher risk, such as confined spaces, using fall arrest harness systems, working with hazardous chemicals, and demolishing. 

For a standard emergency plan, it needs to include evacuation procedures, notifying emergency service organisations at the earliest opportunity, medical treatment and assistance, effective communication between the persons authorised to activate the emergency response and all people in the workplace, testing or emergency procedures, and information with training and instruction to relevant workers implementing the emergency procedures. 

As part of our first response service at SSTC, our highly certified team can tailor emergency plans, risk assessments, and Safe Work Method Statements to be site-specific. Ensuring a suitable and effective plan can reduce the risk of damage, injury, or an emergency on a significant scale. Emergencies can occur during a fire, chemical spill, explosion, injury, natural disaster, bomb threat or violence. The prepared plan you have in place and highly trained personnel on site will assist workers and visitors in any type of emergency.

At SSTC, we are a first response company that will tailor your emergency plan to be site specific. We consider the type of work being performed on the site, the nature of the site's hazards (whether it be toxic, confined space, or heights), and the number of workers and visitors operating on the site. Our first response team can ensure the emergency plan in place is effective by frequently testing it, considering the changing condition of the site, and training and instructing relevant workers on the emergency procedures.

Choose SSTC as Your Response Company

SSTC is a first response company that covers you from prevention to rescue. We can tailor-make your emergency plan to be site specific. The hazards and risks of the site are also consistently monitored by our emergency response team because we understand how much the conditions of a site can change.

We are the first responders in Sydney, where safety is paramount and always at the forefront of our plans. Check out our emergency response teams page, or contact us for any questions or further information. 

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