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What is Involved in Industrial Security Services?

September 13, 2023
Industrial Security

Companies like SSTC provide a range of security services, such as  K9 security details, mobile security units, security for construction sites, crowd control, checkpoint security, personal security, security consultants, emergency response services and more.

One very important aspect of security is that of industrial security services. A comprehensive and diverse security company in Sydney will offer specialised security services targeted at industrial sites and industrial operations.

Industrial enterprises include petroleum and gas companies, chemical plants, steel manufacturers, electricity suppliers, electronics manufacturers, building suppliers, laboratories, factories, construction projects, manufacturing plants, refineries and many more businesses.

A lot going on in any industrial business and therefore a lot to keep an eye on. Industrial security services are essential to ensure the safety of workers, visitors, plants, equipment, materials and more. We’ll take a deeper dive into the world of industrial security, as well as the role of security consultants in ensuring an industrial enterprise remains both safe and profitable in the long term. Read on to learn more about industrial security services and the vital role they play in industry in Australia.

Security Services We Provide

To gain a better understanding of industrial security services, what security services are provided and how they can help your business, we’ll go over the different types of security services that SSTC provides.

Static Security Guards

Static security guards are one of the most common forms of security, and you’ll see them deployed everywhere. You’ll spot them in residential areas, shopping malls, construction sites, guarding commercial buildings, at events and more. Static security guards also play an important role in industrial security.

Our static security guards are highly trained, are very attentive to what’s around them and know how to respond to any situation. They will conduct regular checks of the property both during and after hours, making sure everything is locked and alarms are set outside operating times.

During operating hours, static guards will ensure only authorised personnel are allowed to access the site or restricted areas, along with checking the ID of visitors and logging them into a database.

Having static security guards on your industrial site acts as a deterrent to thieves and vandals, and they will also monitor the premises via CCTV cameras and possibly roaming K9 units as well. Guards will take the necessary action if they detect suspicious behaviour.

Along with regular industrial security services, static guards will also keep an eye out for potential hazards and will respond to accidents and emergencies on-site.

K9 Security Units

Industrial Security2

Our security company in Sydney can provide you with K9 security units for an even higher level of protection for your industrial site. Highly skilled guard dogs are trained to protect people and property and also act as an effective deterrent to anyone lurking about with their barks and intimidating appearance.

Only the most intelligent dogs are chosen for K9 units, and this intelligence, combined with strength and loyalty, makes guard dogs the perfect partners for security guards. With their incredible sense of smell and hearing, dogs often detect intruders long before a human guard has any knowledge of their presence. 

Essentially, a K9 guard dog is like having a walking alarm system. Handlers can also be equipped with a body cam that provides a live feed in real-time.

More than anything, roaming K9 units are a great deterrent, guaranteeing that your property remains safe at all times. K9 units are also excellent at diffusing situations in the workplace or when dealing with thieves and vandals. Everyone will have peace of mind with a K9 unit on-site.

Mobile Security Patrols

There may be occasions when you don’t want or need security personnel on-site 24/7. Or, you have several sites that you want to be monitored periodically after hours. In these instances, the solution is mobile security patrols.

If an alarm is triggered, a mobile security unit will immediately respond to assess the situation. Mobile patrols can also perform regular routine checks, ensuring the site is secure, and even perform a walkthrough to check for damage, hazards or intruders.

Since mobile units are unpredictable, this can be a deterrent to thieves and intruders, as they never know exactly when a mobile security unit will show up. They also cover a lot of ground. Mobile security guards are an effective form of industrial security services.

Checkpoint Security

Checkpoint security guards monitor entry points to the site and will check the credentials of anyone attempting to gain access. This helps to ensure that only verified employees and site visitors are allowed onto the site at any time. This is the backbone of security guard services, and having your entry points well-guarded instils a sense of safety for everyone and also helps boost your brand’s reputation.

Security Consultancy

Our security consultants assess any potential risks associated with your industrial operation and then formulate a security plan to mitigate those risks. Safety is always the top priority, and we can tailor a plan that provides solutions, even if your business is constantly changing. For a security company in Sydney, offering expert security consultancy services is a valuable asset.

When Would You Need Security Services?

Industrial Security3

All businesses can benefit from security services and, in particular, businesses in industry. Let’s now look at some key reasons why and when you should consider industrial security services.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

Unfortunately, thieves and vandals can strike anyone at any time, and commercial enterprises and industrial sites are often a target. With a range of security services protecting your operation, there is a high chance that thieves and vandals will be deterred before they even think about striking. For example, the presence of roaming security guards and K9 units is usually enough to dissuade anyone with nefarious motives.


The safety of workers, visitors and the general public is always a top priority and hiring the services of a security company will go a long way towards establishing a safe and secure work environment for everyone concerned. Security guards on-site can prevent unauthorised entry, quell any conflicts between workers and respond to accidents and emergencies on the premises.

Help Maintain Compliance

Everyone on the site needs to remain compliant with rules and regulations that govern safety. Security officers can monitor the workplace and detect any potential hazards, as well as ensure that all employees are following the correct safety protocols.

Access Control

As you will only want authorised personnel gaining access to your site, having highly trained checkpoint security details on-site will guarantee that no ‘unwanted’ guests get through the net.

Assist with Emergency Response

Security guards are trained in responding to emergencies as well as administering first aid. The moment any type of emergency unfolds in the workplace, the security team will deploy with appropriate action.

Peace of Mind

With 24/7 security protection, everyone involved in the operation will have complete peace of mind that the business, its employees and its assets are fully protected.

Hire Security at SSTC

SSTC is a comprehensive security company in Sydney that offers industrial security services as an integral part of our operations. We are also expert security consultants and will be able to formulate a security plan for your industrial site. With a combined total of over 25 years of experience, we have the runs on the board. Contact SSTC today to discover just what we can do for you.

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