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What Is Involved In Special Event Traffic Management in Sydney?

December 27, 2023
Event Traffic Control

In Sydney, there are always plenty of special events, from concerts and festivals to sports matches and markets. Some of these events have an impact on the regular flow of traffic, while some even shut down entire streets. Event traffic control is essential for the safety of the public, the crew, the vendors and all of the passing motorists and pedestrians. The right special event traffic management plan will ensure the safety of everyone in the vicinity.

If you’re holding an event in New South Wales, you need to approach the local council, landowners and traffic authorities to discuss the traffic and transport issues that may arise. Depending on the nature of your event, you’ll need the clearance of some or all of these agencies. You’ll also need to develop a transport management plan (TMP) if you anticipate that your event will affect traffic, transport and pedestrians in the area.

There is a lot of planning involved, and some of it requires professional expertise. It takes a professional with the required standard of experience, level of knowledge and top-notch equipment to keep traffic moving freely around your event.

SSTC has a proven track record of safety, providing traffic control solutions to both public and private organisations. We can take care of all the plans, diagrams, clearances and professional equipment required to minimise the impact of traffic on your event’s surroundings and ensure everyone’s safety. 

What is Traffic Management?

Working around traffic can be dangerous. According to Safe Work Australia, as a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), managing the risks of traffic in the workplace is part of your work health and safety (WHS) duties. If you’re working on or near a public road, there are extra risks involved, and you have extra duties to fulfil.

Traffic management is about controlling the movements of people and vehicles, including cars, cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles, such as mobile plants and industrial vehicles. Ensuring that this movement stays orderly and efficient helps to keep everyone involved safe.

Road traffic controllers are a common sight at construction sites, traffic accidents, roadworks and, of course, events. A traffic controller’s duties include setting up signage, directing traffic using tools such as stop/slow signs, monitoring traffic flow and communicating with other personnel. Of course, there’s no shortage of strategic planning that goes into these operations. That’s where a traffic control plan comes into the picture.

A traffic control plan assesses a number of factors, like the scope of the disruption, how vehicles and pedestrians can navigate around it, and the types of equipment needed.

What is Special Event Traffic Management?

Event Traffic Control2

A special event is an event that doesn’t happen regularly but attracts a large number of people when it does take place: an annual convention, for example, or a one-off concert. Special events enrich the cultural life of a city and boost the local economy by creating jobs, drawing tourists to the area and leading to upgrades in infrastructure.

As the name suggests, special event traffic management is traffic management designed for the size, scale and logistics of special events. Like smaller-scale forms of traffic management, special event traffic control starts with a traffic control plan. The fact it’s on a larger scale than other forms of traffic control makes it even more important to get the logistics and the clearances right. The right event traffic management in Sydney takes into account all the complications of managing a large city’s heavy traffic.

What’s Involved In An Event Traffic Control Plan?

In order to ensure that a special event’s traffic control is a success, there are a number of key elements that need to be included in a special event traffic management plan. Some of the most common include:

  • Important information about the event, including the number of people estimated to attend and contact information of key personnel involved.
  • Approvals from police, council, road authorities and other relevant organisations.
  • A plan for the layout of traffic control signs, barriers and other physical measures in place.
  • The traffic control measures required such as road closures and detours.
  • Parking arrangements including the estimated number of vehicles required, locations and shuttle services.
  • Emergency procedures.

There’s a fair amount to consider, and it can be daunting, especially when event traffic control is not your area of expertise. That’s why SSTC can focus on the details of event traffic management for your Sydney event so you can focus on holding the best event possible.

Who Needs Special Event Traffic Management?

Event Traffic Control3

In Sydney, large-scale, one-of-a-kind events are frequent, and there are many special occasions that require event traffic control. The organisers most likely to need special event management include:

Concert organisers

Music festivals and concerts from famous international artists attract massive crowds and impact the regular flow of traffic around the city.

Sporting matches

The same applies to high-profile sports matches, tournaments and races, which can make traffic busy and parking competitive at venues like Moore Park’s Allianz Stadium.

Festival organisers

Food, music, arts: there are many things you can base a festival around, and a city as diverse as Sydney has room for them all. Successful festivals attract large crowds, and effective event traffic control helps to ensure these events run smoothly.

Parade organiser

Parades often shut down entire streets and require careful planning so that traffic can be diverted along detours with minimal disruption. Event traffic control for parades requires coordination of the procession route, barricades traffic controllers and personnel at strategic locations.

Conference/convention organisers

Conferences and conventions dedicated to special interests bring some extra life and activity to a city like Sydney, and good traffic control helps them to run smoothly.  

Special Event Traffic Management with SSTC

SSTC provides a comprehensive approach to event traffic management in Sydney. Our service includes special event traffic management plans, diagrams and designs, signage installation and maintenance, roadwork construction and emergency response.

Using state-of-the-art technology and the highest standards of staff training, we cover every aspect of traffic management for your event, from seeking permits from government bodies to providing traffic controllers and safety equipment. The equipment we provide includes roadwork signs, bollards, barriers, traffic signals, communication devices and a fleet of fully equipped Utes.

Our traffic control plans (TCP) are designed to set your event up for success by taking your unique needs into account. Services include detailed traffic control planning, real-time monitoring, and temporary traffic control measures.

A team trusted by some of Australia’s largest construction companies, SSTC has more than 25 years of combined experience in traffic management, security and procuring plans and documentation. A team with a firm commitment to community safety and a disciplined work ethic, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your event is successful.  
To find out more about how we can manage traffic control for your special event, contact the SSTC team for a free quote.

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