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What is K9 Security and What Are the Benefits?

June 28, 2023
K9 Security

When it comes to security services in Australia, there are many different types. For example, you may require a static security guard to monitor the entrance to a business or security for crowd control at an event. Other SSTC security services include mobile security patrols, traffic management, security consultants, checkpoint security, security for a construction site and more.

One vital security service that SSTC provides is K9 security. This article is going to be digging deeper into the role of K9 security, what it entails, what the benefits are and when you might need this important security service.

What is K9 Security?

K9 units are a security detail that involves both security guards and K9 security dogs. While German Shepherds are commonly employed for this purpose, other dog breeds are also trained for K9 patrols and as guard dogs.

While security guards undergo training, so do K9 security dogs. These dogs need to be trained to follow the commands of either a single guard or multiple guards, as well as not pose a threat to the general population. Dogs are trained to distinguish between a threatening situation and a non-threatening one.

Some K9 units are static. You may see these units deployed in airports, shopping malls or schools on occasion. Other K9 security details are mobile. These patrols might roam a specific neighbourhood after dark, either in a vehicle or on foot. K9 units are also often used as a boosted security measure to protect building sites or industrial sites against thieves and vandals.

K9 dogs are extremely intelligent and reliable and often act as a deterrent to crime due to their intimidating look and sound. Added to this is a sense of smell far superior to that of humans, which makes K9 units excellent at tracking. With their heightened sense of smell, K9 units are able to cover more than just what their eyes can see.

K9 units are both highly regarded and rated as one of the top security service details available. A security company and security consultants that provide a comprehensive range of security services, including K9 security guard services, provide you with not only protection but also peace of mind.

What Are the Benefits?

With a clearer picture of what K9 units are all about, let’s now take a look at some of the major benefits that K9 security can provide.

Increased Security

While reputable security companies deploy only highly trained and experienced security guards no matter what the detail, adding K9 security dogs to the team adds a special extra layer of security. While security guards will have their own skills and attributes, security dogs also have their own unique skill set to bring to the table. One scenario is when guarding open spaces or vacant properties, K9 security dogs can run much faster than the average person, making them invaluable in these types of environments. For example, some German Shepherds can clock speeds close to 50 kilometres per hour.

Heightened sensory abilities

When on guard duty, a canine will be able to detect the presence of an intruder well before the security guard does. With their superior sense of smell and hearing, a K9 guard dog will alert its handler with advance notice when an incident occurs or they sense suspicious behaviour.


Often, the mere presence of a K9 unit is enough to deter thieves, criminals and anyone else with ill intentions. Many people fear trained security dogs far more than they do regular security staff, so a K9 unit’s presence alone often does the job.

K9 Security1


K9 security can be employed in a wide range of environments and situations. They can be utilised in locations such as airports, seaports, industrial sites, events, residential areas and public spaces. In addition, K9 units can be trained for specific tasks, including bomb detection, narcotics detection, search and rescue operations, crowd control and the apprehension of suspects and criminals


In some cases, K9 patrols can be a cost-effective solution compared to some other security measures. For example, trained dogs can cover large areas efficiently, reducing the need for multiple human security personnel pounding the beat. Moreover, the ongoing costs of maintaining and training K9 units can be more manageable compared to employing and training additional security staff.

Sense of security

When deployed to protect people and property, such as mobile K9 units patrolling a housing estate, they offer a greater sense of security. When used to protect employees, the presence of K9 units instils a sense of confidence and can also enhance their perception of their employer.

Enhanced public image

Incorporating K9 units in a company or organisation's security measures can enhance its public image by demonstrating a commitment to robust security and safety measures. This helps to instil confidence and trust among stakeholders, clients and the general public.

When is K9 Security Needed?

There are a lot of scenarios, locations and environments where K9 security can be deployed. Here are some of the environments in which K9 units truly excel:

Crowd control

K9 units are often deployed for crowd control. Their mere presence acts as a deterrent to unruly behaviour, and crowds of people are more easily organised when K9 units are about. Dogs can also be used to detect prohibited items, such as illicit substances and even weapons.

Mobile security patrols

Along with crowd control, K9 teams can be deployed for regular patrols in areas of high security, such as airports, seaports, government buildings, industrial sites, building sites and other facilities. The presence of K9 units deters potential threats and enhances the overall security presence. Mobile K9 patrols are also used to protect residential areas or even respond to emergency calls or triggered alarms.

Property protection

The safeguarding of properties such as warehouses, factories, schools, construction sites and residential areas can all benefit from the presence of one or more K9 units. Trained dogs can patrol the premises, detect intruders and alert security personnel to potential threats. Dogs provide an additional layer of protection and detection.

Specialised operations

At times, K9 units will be required for specialised operations. An example might be a personal security detail for a VIP, such as a politician or someone famous. Law enforcement or even military operations may sometimes call in support from additional K9 units.

Search and rescue operations

Search and rescue missions might involve searching for people missing in a wilderness location, finding and rescuing people affected by a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, tracking down missing children or other missing persons and more. With their keen sense of smell, canines can pick up on a scent or sniff out people trapped under debris. People can only do so much in search and rescue missions, and having trained dogs as part of the security personnel often make the difference in finding survivors in time.

K9 Security2

Organise K9 Security with SSTC

There are many situations where the deployment of K9 security units is to your advantage, and these units offer many benefits. SSTC specialise in providing K9 units for industrial and construction sites.  Consult with your local security consultants at SSTC to discuss your requirements for a K9 unit or any other security needs you may have. Our security consultants will be able to analyse the risks and hazards of your workplace and establish a security plan to ensure the safety of your workers and property. Get in touch with SSTC today.

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