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Why is Construction Security Necessary?

May 16, 2023
Construction Security

Professional security services come in many forms, from security for special events, checkpoint security, traffic management, industrial security, personal security and many more scenarios and occasions where security consultants and security services are required.

Construction sites are an environment where various methods of professional security are required, and what’s needed will vary depending on the type of construction going on and the location of the project.

Security is a vital component of the construction industry in all its forms. Expert security helps to ensure that construction projects are completed on time and within budget while also minimising the risk of security threats, such as theft, vandalism or accidents.

Let’s take a closer look at construction security and the benefits of hiring an expert security company in Sydney, such as SSTC.

What is Construction Security?

Construction security is an essential part of the construction industry. Depending on the nature of the construction site or project, security for construction involves measures to protect construction sites, equipment and materials from theft, vandalism and other types of criminal activity. Construction sites are often the target of thieves and vandals once all the workers have gone home for the day or on the weekend.

The implementation of construction security measures is imperative during non-working hours when the site is most vulnerable. Security measures may include static guards protecting the entrances to the construction site and making sure no unauthorised personnel are allowed to enter, roaming K9 security units keeping an eye on the entire area in general, perimeter security, possibly the installation of CCTV cameras and more.

Security is essential to prevent the loss of expensive equipment and materials, to avoid damage from vandalism and also to keep personnel safe when they are on the site. The project schedule also relies heavily on quality security, ensuring there is no downtime due to damage to the site, the loss of equipment, or even injury to construction workers or site visitors.

Having security present in and around the site acts as a deterrent to people with ill intentions and is usually enough to ensure the site remains undisturbed at all times. In addition to this, access control measures in the form of gates and fencing also make it very difficult for unauthorised people to enter the site grounds.

Building sites are not the only form of a construction site that requires the expert services of a security company in Sydney. Roadway construction is a large part of the construction industry, and construction security is essential to ensure the safety of everyone involved, as well as to help with things like traffic management and minimising any inconvenience caused to the general public.

Construction Security1

What Are the Benefits?

One of the most important and most obvious benefits of security for any form of construction project is that of ensuring the safety of construction workers, site visitors and the general public in and around the construction site. In addition to this is the protection of tools, equipment, construction materials and more against theft or damage caused by vandalism.

Every construction project will have a proposed budget, as well as a timeline designated for completion of the project. Qualified security consultants and security firms like SSTC can help implement plans to ensure the construction continues unimpeded. This helps to guarantee that deadlines and budgets are met. In addition, by mitigating security risks with construction security on hand, construction companies may also save money on their insurance premiums.

Having security on-site during work hours further enhances the site’s security measures, as people can be vetted first before being granted access to the site. This way, unauthorised personnel or those who have no legitimate reason to be on the construction site are denied access. This provides a greater degree of security for authorised personnel and also helps to enhance site safety.

Your construction company’s brand is one of your most valuable assets. When you team up with expert security consultants and arrange for security for your construction project, this paints your brand in a very positive light. It creates a sense of trust and confidence among clients, stakeholders, construction workers and the community at large. With security measures in place, you are demonstrating that you have a commitment to safety and security.

Some of the major benefits provided by security for road-building projects include safety for road workers, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. SSTC will also help manage the flow of traffic around the construction site, minimising traffic congestion and also maintaining vehicle speed at safe limits. The installation of temporary traffic control devices, including portable traffic lights, can also be utilised to improve security and traffic flow while road works are being carried out.

Another consideration when you employ the expertise of a security company in Sydney is that of maintaining compliance with industry regulations and standards. For example, SSTC can even help you out with organising the correct permits and plans for your project, as well as ensuring safety and security measures are in place that comply with the standards that are expected in the construction industry.

Having the very best security for your construction project also helps to differentiate your construction company from your competitors.

Construction Security2

Different Types of Construction Security

Construction security can come in numerous forms, depending on the nature of the construction project and what’s required.

Here’s a list of just some of the various forms of construction site security for quick reference:

Security Personnel

Trained security personnel can be employed to provide a physical presence on the construction site to deter intruders or deny access to unauthorized personnel.

Surveillance Cameras

CCTV cameras can be used to monitor the construction site 24/7 and capture any suspicious activity. They can also be used as an alert system to help identify potential safety hazards.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems such as gates, fences and ID verification can be used to limit access to the construction site to authorized personnel only.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is essential around all construction sites and is of vital importance for road construction projects. This also includes pedestrian management for foot traffic and the safety of everyone in and around the construction project.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security measures such as security lighting, barbed wire, or concrete barriers can be used to prevent unauthorized entry to the construction site.

K9 Units

To add an extra layer of perimeter security, security guards or K9 units can be roaming the perimeter to keep an eye on the site and be on the lookout for potential intruders after hours.

Risk Assessment

Conducting a thorough risk assessment of the construction site can help to identify potential security threats early on and put in place security measures to prevent them. Security consultants can help you conduct a thorough risk assessment.

SSTC Are Your Security Consultants

Talk to the best security company Sydney has to offer and get in touch with the team at SSTC for quality construction security. Talk to us about your construction project, and we’ll devise the best possible plan for the security of your project on every level.

After almost ten years in the business and decades of combined experience among our team, SSTC is well equipped and highly experienced to handle even the largest construction security projects. Make SSTC your first choice in security for the construction industry.

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