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Increase Your Defences With Our K9 Security Services

September 2, 2022

If you need more than traditional security guards, K9 security offers another level of protection to your events or worksites that are sure to help keep trouble at bay. Our professional handlers have spent more than enough time training their dogs to know how to handle potential dangers. Make sure your guests or workforce stay safer with our canine security options.

Why Use Security Dogs Over Traditional Forms of Security

A security dog brings a whole other level of security to your premises for various reasons. We’ve compiled some of these reasons to help you better understand why our canine friends are effective security assistants:

  • Visible security makes a tremendous difference. While people may overlook a traditional security guard and take chances because they think there is no security, there’s no denying the presence of a security dog. Wrongdoers will not mistake a security dog and therefore think twice before attempting unlawful behaviour at your premises.
  • A K9 security guard has a tremendous sense of smell. Should someone try to sneak in unwanted substances or somehow make their way into the premises, our security dogs have the necessary training to track and find them. This skill makes them invaluable to any worksite or event where lawbreakers have many options for hiding or are likely to attempt bringing in illegal substances.
  • Dogs make for reliable stationary or patrolling guards. Regardless of the type of security you need at your event or premises, dogs can do it. Thanks to their training, they make for incredible patrol buddies due to their heightened senses or can just as easily adapt to a stationary post for an event.
K9 Security Services in Sydney

Common Questions From Clients Before Using Our Security Dog Services

You might have your share of questions to ask before committing to using protection dogs, and we want to help provide answers. To increase customer clarity, here are some of the most frequent questions we receive regarding our dogs:

  • Are the dogs a danger to my guests? Absolutely not. Our dogs undergo strict training to only respond to their handlers. Once the handlers need the dog to react to a situation or person, the dog will obey, but otherwise, they remain idle. Your guests do not have to worry about the dogs at all.
  • Do I have a choice in the dog selected? We choose the dogs ourselves based on availability and suitability for the specific job. Rest assured that the dogs we send to your premises will fit right in and do an excellent job of providing security.
  • Are your dog handlers accredited? Yes. All our handlers have undergone the necessary training and have the relevant accreditation to prove their capability to work alongside their K9 companions. We would never send untrained professionals to a job – whether the job requires a dog or not.

At Site Security & Traffic Control, we take our job seriously and will never compromise your security through untrained personnel. Regardless of your specific requirements, we will always bring experienced professionals to increase your safety with K9 security in Sydney.

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